Living Room Cleaning Tips – Make Your Living Room Livable

Is your living room so dirty or cluttered that you don’t feel like living inside whatsoever? Follow these tips and it is going to be clean as quickly as it takes one to watch your favourite TV show – that you can do while you are cleaning!

1. Cleaning mini blinds.

Carpets have replaced window curtains in many families. Blinds are durable and less prone to stains, and they make curtains look like traditional smocks. Blinds are quick to build up on dirt and dust should youn’t take good care of these, though. Just take off that blind the wall and out of the house where you are able to get it all cleaned up.

Hang the filthy blind onto a wall, rather at the rear of the home. Twist the slats downwards and spray on them using a mixture of water and soap. Enable them to drip for a while, then dry clean with a sponge. Switch the pliers over and repeat.

2. Another one bites the dust.

Dust is mostly made up of dried flakes of human skin, so there’s no way you’ll be able to get rid of it for good or keep it from collecting along the surfaces and crevices. Your best bet is to deep clean your house every 3 months or so, just to make sure not so much dust has settled which it attracts fleas along with other tiny organisms to your home.

Cover your nose while doing so and if you can, attempt to spread a sheet of cloth over the furniture- the sofa, the sofa, chairs – so that the dust doesn’t get on them. It is a foolproof method of maintaining your living room dust-free.

3. Cleaning glass table tops

Glass table tops have invaded nearly every aspect of their common house. They are the in thing nowadays. Many interior designers try to integrate tables with glass tops into his or her designs.

Cleaning glass table tops is easy: wipe using a lint free towel using Windex or another window cleaning solvent. Spray some cleaner on the towel and then use that to clean the surface to avoid scratching.

4. Eliminating pet hairs.

Animal fur, such as that from dogs and cats, can easily get stuck onto the couch upholstery and on the carpet. It takes time to get out it, particularly once you have pets running around all the time.

Take the vacuum from the closet. Insert the nozzle attachment and use it to get in the pet hairs onto the carpet and in hard-to-reach areas.

5. Cleaning TV and computer screens.

Like the PC monitor, the TV screen is a delicate piece of equipment, one that is sensitive to the signaturescreen. Providentially, the cleaning method isn’t as complicated.

Dampen a piece of fabric made from flannel cotton to some mixture of 50 / 50 water and isopropyl alcohol, then use it to wipe out the dirty TV or a monitor. It is not a fabulous task by any means, however it gets the job done (unless you’re looking for an excuse to buy a new TV set, that is).

Follow these tips and you’re living room will be as fresh as it was when you first moved in!