Tips for Keeping Restrooms Smelling Fresh and Clean

There is nothing that says your cleaning business is doing a fantastic job more than if your building’s restrooms are not only clean, but fresh-smelling. After all, when visitors or employees enter a toilet they “expect” to be confronted with a nice odor – pine, citrus or only a clean smell. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the situation. Often when people enter a toilet they are attacked with an overpowering scent or even disagreeable scents.

Looking through any janitorial supply catalog there’s a wide assortment of products to combat odors – urinal screens and cakes, air fresheners of all types, sizes and fragrances, air sanitizers and commode and urinal mats. As a cleaning contractor, where would you start?

To get a clean smelling toilet the first thing you have to do is eliminate any foul odors. Start by assessing the bathroom. Odors can come from many sources – restrooms do have their own share of “natural” odors and in addition dirt and bacteria can cause much more offensive scents. Assess and monitor drains as they’re a well-known source of fostering scents.

The first step to maintaining odors under management is thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting restroom surfaces. Also look at using enzymes in drains to help break down substances which are decaying which can lead to problem odors. Proper cleaning should remove not only the dirt you can view, but places that capture dirt and bacteria that can lead to offensive smells.

Odors can flourish in tile flooring in men’s restrooms as urine can readily get into the grout. Mopping every day can find the surface dirt, but dirt and urine which have penetrated the grout need more aggressive therapy. You might need to use a floor machine or Gently wash the grout to remove any build-up.

Check under toilet rims, countertops and other regions where dirt may have collected.

Proper employee training can be critical in maintaining restrooms odor free. An employee who participates through a toilet with a spray of soap and quickly sloshing a mop across the floor is going to be producing rather than solving odor problems. Employees need to understand how to use cleaners and disinfectants properly and make sure you allow the ideal amount of dwell time.

When you have a restroom fresh, setting the correct products in place can help keep it smelling fresh. Put these items under urinals and around bathrooms to collect any urine which drips on the ground. Besides capturing fluids, the mats additionally have a deodorant which helps cut down on odors. Once full, simply toss the mats to the garbage.

Take care in selecting fragrances that aren’t overpowering. Strong scents, if they’re of pine, vanilla, cinnamon, green citrus or apple, may be offensive. Also remember when picking fragrances to ensure that air dispensers, urinal cakes along with others, all exude the exact same odor. Competing scents can socialize and make your bathroom odor problems worse.

There are many variables when it you are first trying to rid a restroom of unpleasant or foul scents. Because of increased scrubbing, when you first wash a restroom more odors may be created since you’re stirring up dormant smells. However, this is a indication that your cleaning will eliminate the issues and your clients will get a fresh and clean smelling restroom. The overall benefit of a “new smelling bathroom” will create your cleaning customers happy and your cash register ring!